We encourage neighbors to listen to all facts, attend meetings, be open minded, voice informed opinions and participate in and respect the process.

PHEHA has been selected by Councilmember Gates to join the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee is inclusive of representation of all property owners within PD15, with proportional representation mirroring land mass, as well as representation from outside PD15 with the knowledge those neighbors are impacted by the zoning. 

The Steering Committee will hold meetings with staff to review the current zoning of the area, any possible changes, and to develop proposed zoning amendments. At the conclusion of the Steering Committee meetings, a second Community Meeting will be held to present any proposed zoning amendments.  For questions or additional information, please contact Lauren Clayton at or 214-670-3816.

For more information and next steps you may wish to visit the website of Councilmember Gates and the page dedicated to PD15, as well as the other links listed below. PHEHA will share information on this page and via email to our neighbors as information becomes available.

*excerpt from page 29: Advisory Task Force Final Report from December 2016

In 2016 the Northwest Highway and Preston Area Plan Task Force created a Plan that would provide a road map for future development decisions in and around Northwest Highway and Preston Road. PD 15 is within the limits of the plan. Click to see Excerpts from Preston and Northwest Highway Area Plan

For more information on the Northwest Highway and Preston Area Plan click here.

Download the Advisory Task Force Final Report from December 2016:
Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan Final Report [PDF]

For more information about the corner of Preston and Northwest Highway:
Preston Hollow NWHY/PRESTON RD 

Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association
PO Box 25528
Dallas, Texas 75225

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