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Spring Update 2018

Hello Preston Hollow East Neighbors we are pleased to share the following spring update.

 Patrol & Membership:

Hats off to all of our members! We are so proud to announce that PHEHA membership is at an all time high with 524 active member households. As a result of such a successful membership drive we have increased patrol significantly with more hours of every day patrolled by a marked Dallas police car driven by a uniformed, armed DPD officer.

This year PHEHA is able to add periods of 24 x 7 coverage during peak vacation windows. Approximately 40 days of the year will have 24 x 7 expanded patrol coverage.

This week between March 10th and March 17th PHEHA will have expanded patrol on duty 24 x 7. The following dates are planned 24 x7 expanded patrol dates:
• Spring Break
• Memorial Day Weekend
• Labor Day Weekend
• Halloween
• Thanksgiving Holiday (Nov 19th-26th)
• Holiday (Dec 21-Jan 2)

 Vacation Coverage:

Be sure and take advantage of vacation coverage and have the PHEHA expanded patrol officers stop by your home daily while you are away. Email, call or text patrol your dates of travel and your address. It's that simple. Don't forget to pause your mail and newspaper delivery, too.

 New Neighbors:

PHEHA is starting an outreach campaign to neighbors new to Preston Hollow East. Did you know approximately 60 homes are sold each year in our neighborhood? The number of new neighbors can really add up over a few short years. PHEHA volunteers are actively reaching out to welcome these new neighbors and to make them aware of our expanded patrol program. You can help too by welcoming new neighbors and talking with them about funding expanded patrol in our community. PHEHA will only improve our results and continue to set the goal higher with your help, generous volunteer support and with meaningful contributions by each household.

 Crime Alert:

On Tuesday, March 6th at 4:18am in the 6200 block of Woodland one of our PHEHA members recorded a video (link and photos below) of an arson suspect. The suspect threw a crude incendiary device consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid aka "a molotov cocktail" at a home. The suspect appeared to be driving a sedan and traveled from Preston east around 4:19am after the incident. Video of this incident can be seen on our website by clicking this link: https://pheha.org/crime-alert-public

We will share updates on this incident as the on-going investigation continues.

 Spring Social:

The Board of Directors for Preston Hollow East hosted a spring social at Top Pot Doughnuts on March 3rd where neighbors came together to share ideas, meet each other and discuss issues important to us all. Thank you to all who joined us.

 PD-15 Development:

The Preston Hollow East Board of Directors has been on a listening tour the last 6-8 weeks meeting with city councilmember Jennifer Gates, neighbors who reside in PD-15, developers with interests in PD-15 and members of PHEHA.

We are taking a thoughtful approach and have made the time to listen to all sides. We have educated ourselves on the different positions and are focused on the facts and circumstances surrounding this layered and complex issue. PHEHA has joined the working group and as milestones occur we will keep you up to date. We are prepared to participate in the process.

There is much misinformation circling about the proposed redevelopment of PD-15. In an effort to facilitate the flow of factual information PHEHA will be hosting information sessions for our members throughout the summer and fall. We encourage you to listen to all facts, attend community meetings, be respectful of others and participate in the process. For more information you may wish to begin by reading through the information available on councilmember Gates website: http://dallascityhall.com/government/citycouncil/district13/Pages/PD-15-Zoning.aspx

 DPD North Central Crime Update:

The next meeting for the DPD/North Central crime update hosted by DPD is scheduled for April 24th. Kindly save the date and as soon as we have the location from DPD we will share it with you. We hope to see you at the next meeting..

 Reminder - In Case of Emergency:

Always dial 9-1-1 first, then call PHEHA patrol.  During ENP hours the officer on patrol will immediately respond to any 9-1-1 calls and home burglary alarms originating in Preston Hollow East, and will not leave our neighborhood to respond to other calls originating from outside PHEHA.

Thank you to all of our active members who support PHEHA and Expanded Neighborhood Patrol. It's caring neighbors like you that make our neighborhood such a safe and friendly place to call home.


Juli Black, President

Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association