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Winter Update 2019

Hello Preston Hollow East Neighbor! Please take a moment to read our winter update!


Happy New Year! We are so proud to announce that PHEHA membership is at an all-time high with 550 active member households. As a result of such a successful membership drive, we will sustain the increased patrol we have been enjoying for more than a year. This year we raised a record amount of funds that will pay for approximately 7,000 hours of the expanded police patrol. That means approximately 80% of all the hours in a year are now patrolled by an armed, uniformed Dallas Police Officer in a marked police car. It's only because of the supportive members that together we truly are making Preston Hollow East one of the safest places to live in North Texas. Thank you.  

Again this year PHEHA is able to add periods of 24 x 7 coverage during peak vacation windows. Approximately 40 days of the year will have 24 x 7 expanded patrol coverage. The following dates are planned 24 x 7 expanded patrol dates:
  • Spring Break
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • July 4th Holiday Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Holiday (Nov 19th-26th)
  • Holiday (Dec 21-Jan 2)


This will be the last year in leadership roles for most of the PHEHA board members that are currently serving. The current board hopes that our neighbors will consider stepping forward to continue the great work that has made PHEHA so successful for more than 20 years.

The current board members will be available to help transition the roles to those willing to commit to volunteering their time to PHEHA. If you have interest in joining our all-volunteer board of PHEHA and contributing to our community please send an email to info@PHEHA.org by the end of January.

PHEHA needs neighborhood volunteers who would volunteer to manage: accounting, the annual fundraising effort, membership communication, fulfillment of membership items, police officer scheduling, annual billing, refill park pet waste stations and work with city staff as liaisons for streets, alleys, park, and zoning.

It is time for new leadership to step forward and continue the important work in our community and it is time for your current board to step aside to focus on other things and let others have their turn continuing the great work for PHEHA. 

The current board will meet with all who are interested in volunteering to ensure a smooth transition during the remaining 1st quarter. If we do not have the volunteer leadership identified by the end of January PHEHA may have to begin preparations to shut down PHEHA and the expanded patrol program may cease to exist. 

Lastly, if you are waiting on a reply sent to PHEHA over the holiday we appreciate your patience. A volunteer will hopefully be able to get back to you as soon as possible. With our all-volunteer board transitioning off the board and out of PHEHA leadership roles (and all working full-time) return correspondence to members is slower than in previous years. Once we have new volunteers in place more timely responses should resume.


The next meeting for the DPD/North Central crime update hosted by DPD is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th. The meeting will be held at the Gateway Church located at 12123 Hillcrest Rd. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:00pm and conclude at 8:00pm. Kindly save the date We hope to see you at the meeting.


PHEHA has built and maintained a website for our members to use. Visit the website and check out some helpful features including:
  • Calendar of events
  • FAQs
  • News
  • Membership map and directory
  • Membership tool kit (for volunteers to use to help build membership)
  • Twitter feed
  • Join/Renew capabilities
  • Our mailing address
  • Previous newsletters
  • And More!


PHEHA is continuing the outreach campaign to neighbors new to Preston Hollow East. Did you know approximately 60-70 homes are sold each year in our neighborhood? And, another 20 homes turn over annually as rentals. The number of new neighbors can really add up over a few short years.

PHEHA volunteers are actively reaching out to welcome these new neighbors and to make them aware of our expanded patrol program. You can help too by welcoming new neighbors and talking with them about funding expanded patrol in our community. PHEHA will only improve our expanded patrol program and continue to set the goal higher with your help, generous volunteer support and with meaningful contributions by each household.


The last steering committee meeting took place on Monday, January 7th. The city will host a public input meeting at the end of February. Check our calendar of events and news section of our website for regular updates. For more information, you may wish to access information available on councilmember Gates website: http://dallascityhall.com/government/citycouncil/district13/Pages/PD-15-Zoning.aspx or visit the PHEHA PD15 webpage: https://pheha.org/PD-15


Always dial 9-1-1 first, then call PHEHA patrol.  During ENP hours the officer on patrol will immediately respond to any 9-1-1 calls and home burglary alarms originating in Preston Hollow East, and will not leave our neighborhood to respond to other calls originating from outside PHEHA.

Thank you to all of our active members who support PHEHA and expanded neighborhood patrol. It's caring neighbors like you that make our neighborhood such a safe and friendly place to call home.


Be sure and take advantage of vacation coverage and have the PHEHA expanded patrol officers stop by your home daily while you are away. Email, call or text patrol your dates of travel and your address. It's that simple. Don't forget to pause your mail and newspaper delivery, too.


Juli Black, President

Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association