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Winter Update 2019

Hello Preston Hollow East Neighbors! Please take a moment to read our second winter update! Find all of our previous newsletters and updates here.


As a reminder, the public input meeting for PD15 is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19th at Hyer Elementary Cafetorium (Auditorium/Cafeteria), 8385 Durham.


We are also pleased to announce that Jim Panipinto, who you may remember from the PHEHA HOA meeting on February 13th, graciously volunteered and accepted responsibility to lead as the PHEHA/PD15 Committee Chair. Jim is a PHEHA member and also served on the steering committee for PD15. He is looking forward to speaking with our neighbors. We thank him for stepping up and volunteering his time and leadership. You can reach Jim via his email: j_panipinto@att.net

To clarify, as single family home residents we do not have a "vote" on the PD15 zoning, but each of us has a voice. To further clarify, neither the President of PHEHA nor any PHEHA board member has a vote. PHEHA has advocated for the highest quality construction to be prioritized and considered for the redevelopment of declining properties in PD15.  PHEHA has advocated for thoughtful consideration of street parking, traffic controls, green space, infrastructure and public safety.  Please make your voice heard and share your informed opinion at the upcoming public input meeting for PD15 on February 19th.

Jim has committed to work together with our neighbors and members regarding the zoning changes being discussed in the PD. We are so fortunate to have him in our community and so grateful he has volunteered his time. Welcome Jim and thank you for your leadership.

Helpful links:
Community Meeting for PD15 - Feb. 19th
PD15 Authorized Hearing Memo from Casey Burgess, Executive Assistant City Attorney (PDF)
PD15 Information Page - PHEHA website
PD15 City Pages


As a reminder, this is the last year in leadership roles for most of the PHEHA board members that are currently serving. The leadership will transition in late September and a new slate of officers will lead PHEHA into our future. The current board hopes that our neighbors will consider stepping forward to continue the great work that has made PHEHA so successful for more than 20 years. For more on this see our Winter 2019 Update posted on our website.

PHEHA needs neighborhood volunteers who would volunteer to manage:
  • accounting
  • the annual fundraising effort
  • membership communication
  • fulfillment of membership items
  • police officer scheduling 
  • annual billing
  • refill park pet waste stations
  • work with city staff as liaisons for streets, alleys, park, and zoning
  • block general who will work with, organize, and coordinate block captains activity
    • block captains
It is time for new leadership to step forward and continue the important work in our community, and it is time for your current board to step aside to focus on other things and let others have their turn continuing the great work for PHEHA.


Be sure and take advantage of vacation coverage and have the PHEHA expanded patrol officers stop by your home daily while you are away. Email, call or text patrol your dates of travel and your address. It's that simple. Don't forget to pause your mail and newspaper delivery, too.


Always dial 9-1-1 first, then call PHEHA patrol.  During ENP hours the officer on patrol will immediately respond to any 9-1-1 calls and home burglary alarms originating in Preston Hollow East, and will not leave our neighborhood to respond to other calls originating from outside PHEHA.


Get to know the PHEHA.org website.

PHEHA has built and maintained a website for our members to use. Visit the website and check out some helpful features including:

* member login required to protect privacy
Note: Membership toolkit is helpful for volunteers to use to help build membership and communicate with neighbors.


Thank you to all of our active members who support PHEHA and expanded neighborhood patrol. It's caring neighbors like you that make our neighborhood such a safe and friendly place to call home.

The Board of PHEHA

Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association