1) When should we join?
A: Members can join anytime. However we recommend you join during the annual fall membership drive so that you get the maximum benefit out of the patrol service. No prorations will be offered if you join later in the year.

2) If I join outside of the annual fall membership drive do I still have to pay the full amount?
A: Yes. Regardless of when you join you will be charged the full membership rate. In fairness to our members who pay on time and pay the full amount we do not offer a discount to anyone who pays late. No prorations will be offered if you join later in the year.

3) May I pay monthly instead of annually?
A: No. We offered monthly payments in the past but no longer offer monthly billing. We do not have the volunteer staff to monitor and verify the age of members.  If you would like to volunteer please send an email to

4) Why don't you offer prorations or monthly billing?
A: PHEHA experienced abuses of these services so we no longer offer prorations or monthly billing. We also do not have the volunteer staff to manage monthly billing if you would like to volunteer please send an email to

5) Why an annual drive and not monthly drives for membership?
A: PHEHA signs a contract with the Dallas Police Department each Fall for the following year.  We need to know our budget in order to sign the contract. Our budget determines the number of officers and hours we hire for the year.

6) Do you offer a senior membership?
A: No, once the neighborhood reaches a it's goal of fully funding the expanded patrol program we could revisit. Discounted memberships limit our budget for patrol hours.

7) What is a bundled membership?
A: A bundled membership should be used to add a spouse or other household member to your membership so that our email and other communications can reach multiple adults in a household.

8) How can I volunteer or become a block captain?
A: Send an email to we could use volunteers and block captains!

9) What is the best way to get information from PHEHA?
A: Sign up for our email alerts. Only those in our database will receive our emails.

10) Is PHEHA on social media platforms?
A: PHEHA does have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds - like us, follow us, tweet us! PHEHA is not active on Nextdoor and PHEHA does not post neighborhood crime information on any social platform. Crime updates will only be sent through our emails to our members. Or posted in an area on our website requiring a login.

11) When is the annual meeting?
A: Our annual meeting will be held virtually on the internet in the fall. Stay tuned we will send you an email link with the details.

12) Is PHEHA hosting events like National Night Out at Preston Hollow Park again?
A: No, due to lack of volunteer support PHEHA can not support events like National Night Out. If you would like to volunteer to help with events please send an email to Our goal is to grow our volunteer base and to host events again in the future.

13) Will PHEHA be mailing out a Newsletter this year?
A: No, due to lack of volunteer support PHEHA can not support a newsletter. Email alerts are the best way to receive messages from PHEHA. Please make sure you have a fully completed profile and know your member log-in credentials. Member log-in credentials provide member access to valuable information only accessible through member log-in at You can add two email addresses per membership, simply use the bundle feature.

14) I don't remember how to contact Patrol - where can I find the phone number and email for Patrol?
A: PHEHA mails a letter and sends an email to all members when membership is activated that includes this information. In addition, active members can log into our website to view this information. Once logged into click on the member's tab to find the patrol contact information. PHEHA also provides a cabinet sticker to members that can be added to the inside of a cabinet for ease of family use and reference.

15) Why isn't the patrol contact information on our yard sign or accessible on the website without the need to log-in?
A: PHEHA only allows paid members to access the patrol contact information. Patrol has access to our paid members and will verify membership when contacted.

16) Will any refunds or rebates be given if we move?

A: No, no rebates or refunds will be provided for any reason as we commit to our contract with the city based on each membership paid in full.

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