Code of Conduct for PHEHA Members: In Person, On The Website & Social Media Channels

Be Kind. Be Neighborly.
PHEHA welcomes helpful conversations between neighbors. When discussions turn hurtful, everyone suffers. PHEHA prohibits posts, emails, replies and any other communication that discriminate against, attack, insult, shame, bully or belittle others.

The PHEHA meetings, and website and social media channels are platforms that allows neighbors to work together to improve Preston Hollow East. Political campaigning and personal views on controversial subjects may offend neighbors. Please report those who are over-posting, campaigning, and ranting.

* Any neighbor found to be in violation of these terms may have their PHEHA membership suspended immediately pending review of the facts by the PHEHA Board. Anyone in violation may be receive a 1 year suspension or even a lifetime ban depending on the severity of the findings.

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