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We all need to join! It’s well worth the annual dues.

Candace L.

PHEHA is such an incredible asset to our neighborhood! Their leadership doesn't just help make our neighborhood safe, it makes our neighborhood a community! Whatever your reason - expanded patrol, to get to know your neighbors or to stay in touch with all of the important events and news in our community - please join today.

Marnie G.

It's a must to stick together! When we are out of town, the patrol service is absolutely amazing with their walks of our property and checking doors, etc. I see them on cameras. Huge incentive in and of itself.

Brad B.

If you want access to the private security patrol, then join!  Well worth it, in my opinion. We had to use him once, and I’ve never been more thankful!!

Lauren R.

We are happy we joined; we appreciate the security and peace of mind the ENP gives us, as well as getting important information regarding the neighborhood. To get to 24x7 patrol would be awesome for our community; I hope others will join!

Barbara D.

We have been members of the PHEHA since it’s inception and I feel it is worth every penny.

Judy B.

Having the Neighborhood Police Patrol check on our home when we are out of town has given us an extra peace of mind when traveling.  If we could have 24x7 I believe the theft of packages from our front porches would be greatly reduced!!

Becky B.

The officers that patrol our neighborhood are AWESOME!  Anytime we go out of town all I have to do is call, text or email them, give them the dates we will be gone and they are on it!  They check our home every day and leave a card so I know they've been here!

Recently we were out of town and were having some yard work done while we were gone.  Evidently they left the gate unlocked.  I got a call from the Officer on duty letting me know our gate was unlocked.  He checked our entire property, found it secure and locked the gate.  

It's such a relief knowing the officers are on patrol.  We owe them a HUGE thank you and I encourage everyone to join the PHEHA.  


I've been a member for the past year or so, and it's worth every penny.  This weekend while out of the city, I saw on my Ring front door camera that a package had been delivered and left visibly at my front door for everyone to see.  I contacted the neighborhood patrol and within minutes our officer was at my door and placing my package out of sight behind a big flower pot.  Had it not been for him, my package probably would have "vanished," as many others have in our neighborhood.

Last summer while on vacation, I let the officer know that we were away and he checked my house routinely.  Such service is worth every cent.  I was one of those people that never thought about joining the neighborhood patrol until our house on Stefani was burglarized a year ago.  The burglar came in through the doggie door and cleaned us out.  Now I am a firm believer in the neighborhood patrol and wouldn't be without it.  I just wish that we could get more of our neighbors to join so we could have expanded service.

Jeri B

One of my dogs woke me up to take him outside in the backyard to relieve himself.  Then he barked as he heard something in the alley and I saw headlights heading down the alley way.  I immediately called the patrol officer for PHEHA to report someone in the alley.  It was him as he was patrolling for us.  That was a relief!  He said he had gone on duty 40 minutes earlier and was patrolling the alleys.  At least I had access to the phone # patrol and reached him in 5 seconds and found out he was keeping us all safe.  Had it been a burgular, yes, my dog would have scared him off.  However, I had access to the number and the officer would have been here in a minute had it been an actual situation and I am greatful to pay for that protection.  There would be more expanded patrol and cheaper if all home owners wouls participate.  Sleep tight.  I am greatful I get a response in seconds and it was actually the police my dog barked at rather than a burgular with very bad intentions.  Please consider joining for our entire neighborhood's protection!  Do not wait for 911 for your next response time and JOIN!!!  Thanks!

Sharon H

I went out of town a week ago. I am a member of the PHEHA so I alerted our PHEHA patrol via email the days I was to be out of town.  I received a phone call my first day away from the DPD patrol officer manning our patrol that he checked on my house and found that I had left a back door unlocked!  It did not appear that anyone had been in my house and I probably left it unlocked myself.  They came by the following days and checked everything to make sure my home was safe and not broken into.  What a great job by our PHEHA patrol.  They came by my house, went into the back yard, checked all doors and other ways of entry into my home every day that I was gone.  Their presence in the neighborhood is a deterrent to crime and criminals.  Personally checking on homes and property makes it that much better.  We need this patrol 24/7 and the only way we can get that is by everyone participating in the PHEHA so that we can pay for them to patrol 24/7 versus the limited hours they have now.  Do yourself and your neighbors a favor by joining the PHEHA.

Curt H.

Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association
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Dallas, Texas 75225

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