DPD Expanded Neighborhood Patrol

Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) is a program authorized by the Dallas Police Department (DPD) in which neighborhood organizations, like Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association (PHEHA), hire armed, uniformed off-duty police officers to patrol their area.  ENP requires a great deal of time and effort to operate on an annual basis.

To maintain and grow our outstanding Expanded Neighborhood Patrol program, we must ask all our friends and neighbors within PHEHA patrol boundaries to do their part. Based on the outcome of the fall renewal/fundraising campaign, PHEHA will determine how many hours of Off-Duty DPD Expanded Neighborhood Patrol we can afford to purchase for the subsequent year.

Your contributions will directly affect the number Off-Duty DPD Expanded Neighborhood Patrol hours our neighborhood rely's upon.

PHEHA: Fighting Crime by Funding Expanded Neighborhood Patrol

The Dallas Police Department (DPD) officers who participate in our neighborhood’s ENP are a small group of dedicated officers. They are experts in our neighborhood and our area’s crime trends. During the ENP hours, a uniformed Dallas Police Department officer patrols our neighborhood in a marked Dallas Police Department car. The officer will immediately respond to any 9-1-1 calls and home burglary alarms originating in Preston Hollow East. The objective is to maximize patrol hours, increase police presence and decrease crime in our neighborhood.

Current members are provided the patrol phone number and email address for the PHEHA Expanded Neighborhood Patrol. Response times increase and are impressively fast when our patrol is on duty!  Paid members of PHEHA can call the Expanded Neighborhood Patrol phone number and get personalized benefits from the Expanded Neighborhood Patrol  (ENP) including:

  • Valuable vacation protection - going out of town? Let our ENP know!
  • Off duty armed Dallas Police Department officers, in uniform to respond to any concerns or suspicions.
  • Cell phone number and email directly to our PHEHA ENP police officers
  • Faster response times than DPD when our ENP officers are on duty
  • Neighborhood patrolled by marked Dallas Police Department cars
Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association
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