PHEHA is an all volunteer organization dedicated to our community and our goal is a safer and friendlier Preston Hollow East. 

We need volunteers to assist with reaching out to new neighbors, builders, developing advertising opportunities, and hosting small block gatherings to introduce PHEHA to your non-member neighbors. In today's digital world it would be helpful if individual blocks would put together a group text to help notify one another (member and non-member) if there are any urgent concerns.  Everyone can help be welcoming and friendly!

During the annual fall membership drive PHEHA needs assistance posting renewal signs, folding and stuffing envelopes for mailings,  and personal reminders to neighbors that it is time to renew.  If you are energetic and want to get out - door knocking can be a big help as well.  (PLEASE ALWAYS MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE!). If nobody answers the door leave a note behind with your contact info! Help make your block safer and better while getting to know your neighbors. 

Check the PHEHA membership map and identify homes on your block that are not members and reach out to them about contributing to their community.

See a new neighbor moving in... say, "Hello!" and tell them about PHEHA! 

Send PHEHA an email to and we will send a new family committee member to welcome our new neighbors and offer to answer any questions about PHEHA and our Expanded Neighborhood Patrol.

Pledge 30 minutes a week, 2 hours a month, 24 hours a year and our community will grow stronger and friendlier. Give us "1 day a year" over the course of an entire year and we will give back to each and everyone of you a stronger friendlier community!  

To volunteer, send us and email at Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Phone & Email
Thank you for volunteering!
Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association
PO Box 25528
Dallas, Texas 75225

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