Membership Drive

Your contribution will directly effect the PHEHA Expanded Police Patrol schedule for next year and will help ensure the continuation of this crucial program with the Dallas Police Department.

Once we receive payment you will be mailed a new decal to update your green and white yard sign to signal to the police that you are a paid home and a member of expanded patrol. Police rely on the PHEHA sign with current annual decal in your yard when responding to suspicious activity and patrolling our neighborhood.

You will also be mailed a cabinet sticker for you to post in a safe place with contact information to contact our patrol officers. We suggest you place the sticker on the inside of a kitchen cabinet for easy access in case of emergency. Once you join you will receive our patrol officers contact information including their personal private PHEHA cell phone number that you can text or call day or night as well as their dedicated email address. Contact our officers for out of town notifications and they will walk your property daily when they are on duty to ensure your home is secure. Our officers will also monitor your home for signs you are out of town (newspapers, flyers) and be proactive in removing these items that are signals to criminals you may be away on vacation.

The PHEHA membership period is Sept 1st - October 31st. During this time PHEHA raises money to budget for the following year. Based on the results of our fundraising efforts, PHEHA signs an annual contract with the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department for a marked police car equipped with all the latest technology, the hiring of 10-15 uniformed and armed Dallas Police officers that rotate paid 6-8 hour shifts. Our dedicated officers know our neighborhood and our neighbors and always carry the dedicated PHEHA cell phone to accept calls, texts and emails only from PHEHA members.

PHEHA is budgeting approximately $45/hour for an hour of patrol next year. The math is simple and we need to increase neighborhood participation to make this program more efficient and effective. A fully funded expanded patrol program costs approximately $7,600 per week/$395,000 annually.

Last year PHEHA had our strongest membership participation in our 20+ year history of the program with over 525 of our neighborhood households participating by funding our expanded patrol. Our goal is to grow that number and fully fund our expanded patrol program. Each renewal is crucial to the program and new members are needed to reach this goal.

To see our membership map and directory of members login to our website with your login credentials. We encourage you to check the database and map to know if your friends and neighbors are participating and talk with your neighbors about contributing. Need login help? Contact

Expanded patrol is the most effective crime prevention program the City of Dallas offers. Thank you to our neighbors and volunteers that fund, organize and maintain our expanded patrol program!

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